Peter Aylward : has a ton of vintage race cars

Peter Aylward

Peter Aylward is Automotive Photographer UK.he has a ton of vintage race cars on his profile.

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Peter Aylward photography

Peter Aylward Can't believe this was a week ago, any events I should know about this weekend?

Peter Aylward Certainly never see an E46 M3 GTR running anywhere else on UK soil

Peter Aylward It all starts tomorrow

Peter Aylward Not long now! Who's going to

Peter Aylward Anyone know what these are?

Peter Aylward Hey, #917, watch your back!
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Peter Aylward Don't know why but I've always liked this shot. Which was your favourite livery? I'll be sharing a few more of these today as it's a very special #mclarenmonday Happy 25th Birthday to the simply awesome McLaren F1. Shown here as a longtail GTR #mclarenf1

Peter Aylward Do classic helmets like this have a proper name?

Peter Aylward The stance of this etype. Might have one more with sun at the #75MM #goodwood #racecar #racing #automotivephotography #car #auto

Peter Aylward Still looking for something very 70s to shoot in central London in the next few days. Has to be really angular, this #LP400 is the perfect shape but something British would be good, maybe a Lotus Esprit. Otherwise something similar, Lotus esprit, Lamborghini Miura, Lamborghini countach, Jenson interceptor, Bmw E9 CSL, Porsche 911. Will consider anything else. Get in touch.

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