Los Angeles Photographer Captures Mercedes-Benz To Show That would make the original craftsmen proud


Mercedes Motoring Mercedes-Benz restoration, back road exploration!

Like whiskey, country music and Batman movies, the OG versions deserve to be celebrated. This same dedication to and love of vintage is alive and well in LA-based garage Mercedes Motoring, where they restore old Benzes to their former glory with attention to detail that would make the original craftsmen proud.

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Mercedes-Benz The color schemes of the 70's were the absolute pinnacle of crazy. Not only did Mercedes-Benz decide to paint a sedan neon yellow, but then said f-it, plaid pea green interior! Honestly, I think this is the best combination I've ever seen. If only everyone could be so imaginative.

Mercedes-Benz OK, last one from the archives. I'll post some new stuff tomorrow... or next fall.

Mercedes-Benz Made a friend who let us drive around his lime orchard in Palm Desert last summer

Mercedes-Benz The cartographic rejects at Google Maps are at it again, this time alleging it's a brisk 2,210 miles from New Smyrna Beach, Florida to LA. I mean they don't even account for Savannah, Georgia being close to 4 hours in the wrong direction right off the bat, not to mention how far out of the way Tallahassee and Terlingua are. Honestly, that map is complete trash. What a sham. At bare-minimum it's 3,327 miles from New Smyrna Beach to my house in Los Angeles, and even then you don't get to see Memphis or The Grand Canyon. What happened to the gavel emoji on this busted up iPhone??!

Mercedes-Benz Terlingua, Texas.

Mercedes-Benz OK, going to get back on Instagram now

Mercedes-Benz No more pretending to be a Kennedy on the streets of Eagle Rock. The Grand 600 is heading to Dubai. (photo by @rafaelortegaphotography)

Mercedes-Benz Guess l'll get back on Instagram now since I have about 75,000 photos to post. Kinda wish I was joking about getting back on Instagram now and having 75,000 photos to post.

Mercedes-Benz Taking my coupe out today.

Mercedes-Benz Cabernet Red or China Blue? I'm a Caledonia Green guy, myself.

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