Jeremy Heslup : selected shots from the various film shoots

Jeremy Heslup

Jeremy Heslup is a Photographer in Los Angeles, CA.Jeremy Heslup has selected shots from the various film shoots Valkyr Productions works on. The company works closely with various media outlets and companies, so don't be too surprised if any of the pictures or cars look a bit familiar.

Inspired by the human experience, Jeremy’s films have been featured by dozens of outlets, aired on broadcast television as well as being viewed by millions online.

He has directed nearly 60 episodes of the popular vintage automotive channel PETROLICIOUS, and is the creator of the documentary channel, PRAEMIO, featuring inspiring stories of risk and reward.

More info: instagram | website | flickr | Twitter

Jeremy Heslup photography

Jeremy Heslup A Skeletor undergoing the #tophat treatment @tophat_defenders • 📸: @jeremyheslup

Jeremy Heslup V8s wrapped up in a breadbox, what's not to love

Fantastic shoot today with @freddiehuntofficial for an upcoming film with @omologatowatches Can't wait to stitch this one up, and special thanks to @robovery for driving the chase car!

Jeremy Heslup Going on a trip? Why not pack the Top hat?

Jeremy Heslup Currently in post #aflat6loveaffair with @bartkuykens 👉🏼 @praemio • 📸: @jeremyheslup

Jeremy Heslup A little post-Lemans night cap filming on the French countryside #911st @frisco_911 • 📸: @jeremyheslup

Jeremy Heslup shoot in Antwerp.

Jeremy Heslup Hot as you want

Jeremy Heslup nicoladepratoBoooooom

Jeremy Heslup Rocketmen

The last couple weeks have been quite interesting to say the least. Such a blast spending time with amazing people. Thanks to everyone whose made it count! - Couple more to go! 🎥: @jeremyheslup
themichgoSo good. Can't wait, greatness

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